Nonprofit Champion
Nonprofit Champion
Meet Libby V, the unstoppable force behind building stronger social good organizations with a dash of fun and a sprinkle of magic!

Libby knows that great organizations don't just happen by chance – they need a mastermind at the helm! With her incredible leadership skills, Libby breathes life into their visions and turns them into reality.

She's not your average consultant; she's a results-driven wizard who helps communities and organizations align all the stars to achieve more fantastic outcomes than they ever dreamed of!

With a wealth of experience leading various sectors like government, higher education, nonprofits, corporations, and philanthropy, Libby is like a walking encyclopedia of success stories! She's even ventured into the realm of public-private partnerships, weaving her magic in cities like Atlanta, Baton Rouge, New Jersey, and more.

Libby's credentials are as impressive as her enchanting abilities. She holds a post-graduate certificate from the Institute of Nonprofit Management at Columbia University's Business School of Executive Education, an MS in Human Services Management from Franklin University, and a BS in Education from Ohio University.

When she's not busy sprinkling her fairy dust of knowledge, you can find her spreading smiles and joy through her service on various organization boards. But it's not all work for Libby! She loves spending quality time with her loved ones, taking her rescue dogs on magical walks, diving into enchanting books, watching spellbinding movies, and embarking on culinary adventures at new and exciting restaurants.

Libby V is the dynamo you need to make your community or organization's dreams come true. Get ready for a journey filled with success, laughter, and a whole lot of FUN!
Chief Creative Genius
Chief Creative Genius
Priscilla found her success in the advertising and marketing industry by combining her skills as a copywriter, graphic designer, and account executive.
Specializing in creative direction, branding, strategy campaigns, and celebrating everyday, Priscilla gives a fresh perspective by using both left and right brain in her designs and creative process for her inspiration and design shop, Get Silly Creative.
Her work with nonprofits started with Motherful, a BIPOC-led grassroots collective of single mothers, after she found herself back in her home state of Ohio after a divorce, as a newly single mother of two. This led to her wanting to use her gifts to help more nonprofits gain the visibility they need to be seen and their story heard.
Priscilla is the Season 5 Bonus Co-Host for the More Than Graphics Podcast. She was nominated for Hustler of the Year and Innovative Hustler of the Year in 2021 for her imaginative social media presence and ingenious branding strategies through her Everyday Sillybrations—proving she finds inspiration everywhere.
Strategic Impact Coach
Strategic Impact Coach
Sandra Bethea is a results-driven and community focused consultant for nonprofits, foundations, government, and education entities in the areas of program development and implementation, project management, strategic planning, outcomes and evaluation, community development planning, and resource development. She has over 20 years of multi-faceted social service and leadership experience as an Executive Manager; strong leadership experience developing community based programs, strategic planning, fiscal management, community outreach, and strategic positioning. Characterized by many as being passionate about strategic planning, program design, proven results, and sustainable change; she has assisted many organizations in achieving results for the communities they serve.

Sandra has served as an evaluation and outcomes consultant for more than 10 years and has supported programs covering a variety of program objectives health, education, life-skill development, to safety and security.

Sandra has a life-long commitment to building effective coalitions, increasing the capacity of organizations, empowering people, and strengthening communities.
Executive Assistant
Executive Assistant
Hannah Dodley is a goal-shattering Executive Assistant. First finding her ground a year ago with the Nonprofit I Am Boundless, she is continuing the next steps in her journey alongside Libby V, as her up-and-coming right-hand for all things administrative.

She is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from The Ohio State University.

With an upbeat personality and a smile to match, Hannah is excited to keep building her skills in the administrative field.

On her off time you can find her spending time with family and friends, thrifting for new sewing projects, and always carrying a smile on her face.
Project Manager
Project Manager
When Airielle helped found a nonprofit in 2019, she fell in love with the nonprofit world - a space to meet other heart-centered people who live to design and implement innovative programs to improve their communities. She knows first-hand the challenges of fundraising, managing a board of directors, and strategic planning and thrives when supporting other nonprofit leaders build top-notch organizations.

Airielle is passionate about helping organizations challenge the status quo, disrupt systems of oppression, and learn how to create a kinder world for those less privileged. In her personal time, Airielle enjoys working out, spending time with her friends and family, and exploring her city.
Chief Inspiration Officer
Chief Inspiration Officer
Meg loves to inspire others to learn and grow, lead robust outcome and investment management, use technology to improve organizational systems and expand and enhance organizational development.

She has over 30 years of experience with non-profits in direct services, management, executive leadership, and consulting roles. She holds a BS in Psychology and an MS in Education.

Meg believes that laughter and genuine caring bring people together in ways that allow the whole to be much greater than the sum of its parts; that every person has gifts, talents, and value to contribute and often needs permission and/or support to fully give them; there’s value in being a life-long learner who thrives when sharing knowledge and skills as well as soaking up the wisdom and lessons in the broader world; and a philosophy that qualitative analysis and strategy are more valuable than the quantity of effort and hours.

Meg enjoys time with her husband, daughters, and pets; traveling; cycling; gardening; and reading.
Nonprofit Consultant
Nonprofit Consultant
Becky Jo Peterson has spent the past 20 years of her career in nonprofit leadership. She has faced the challenges common to executive directors everywhere: finding and nurturing talented team members, raising money to fund the organization, developing a dedicated board of directors, and building relationships in the community to keep the organization sustainable. She was also the change agent for two separate organizations: one, in reviving a 50-year-old national nonprofit scholarship program rooted in the mores and traditions of the deep south to be relevant and thriving in the current environment; and second, in moving a small nonprofit serving teenagers from a start-up in to a professional and sustainable organization, eventually merging with a larger organization during the pandemic.

Becky Jo is enthusiastic about helping organizations identify their desired impact, analyzing the relevant landscape and resources, and creating a realistic plan to achieve the organization’s goals. She enjoys creating the necessary structure, processes, and procedures to guide the day-to-day work of an organization and tools to measure progress and stay on track to reach the ultimate organizational goals.

She has learned the value of collaboration and believes that all success depends on relationships built on mutual trust and respect.