Schedule June 22, 2023

After completing their education at Hampshire College, Brenda embarked on a remarkable advocacy journey. They have served as a youth program coordinator at a refugee resettlement organization, working tirelessly to empower and support young individuals. Subsequently, Brenda took on the crucial role of a bilingual counselor, providing compassionate guidance to survivors and victims of intimate partner violence. As a peer recovery coach, Brenda has offered invaluable support to individuals on their path to healing and growth.
Schedule July 13, 2023

We are thrilled to introduce Amanda Acton, an exceptional individual with a passion for driving positive change through her work. As the Founder and Chief Dot Connector at Acton Grant Consulting, LLC, Amanda brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the field of grant writing and nonprofit consulting.
Schedule July 20, 2023

Dr. Sarah Rubinson Levy, founder Sarah Rubinson Consulting and Contracting, has been involved in education since 2001 – working, teaching, consulting, and writing in the areas of supplemental, day school, adult, and experiential education. She has an undergraduate degree in business and sociology and holds a Master of Jewish Education degree from Hebrew College, a doctorate in education from Northeastern University, and certificates in Advanced Jewish Studies, Day School Education, and Jewish Educational Leadership. Most recently, she was a founding head of school for Einstein Academy, a progressive private school in Denver, CO. Sarah’s approach integrates empathy and curiosity with research to work with the organization in a way that is both realistic and aspirational.
Schedule August 3, 2023

We are excited to introduce Alfredo Ramirez, a dynamic advocate and digital strategy expert dedicated to supporting mission-driven organizations at the forefront of change. With a multilingual background and a deep passion for grassroots advocacy, Alfredo has made a significant impact in promoting equitable solutions to global challenges.
Schedule August 10, 2023

Danielle is owner of Octane Design Studios, a 13 year old branding and identity firm based in the heart of the Bluegrass. Danielle is a creative, podcast producer, wife, mama of 3, and certified Prompt Engineer for ChatGTP. She loves rustic Italian cuisine, chai, cosplay, retro gaming and Star Trek TNG.
Schedule August 17, 2023

We are thrilled to introduce Jessi Burg, a visionary entrepreneur who embarked on her journey to create positive change after experiencing toxic work environments. Motivated by the belief that employees deserve fair treatment, a living wage, and the freedom to work on their own terms, Jessi set out to build businesses that embody these values.
Schedule August 24, 2023

Otisa Eads (she/her), an HR & Systems Strategist Consultant with a passion for optimizing businesses for growth and expansion.
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My guest appearance on the Nonprofit Coffee Talk with Libby was one of the most refreshing and welcoming starts to my mornings. The unscripted, yet natural and free flowing conversation made it easy to navigate complicated and tough conversations, and Libby’s questions were timely in helping dig into the root of some of the issues we identified in nonprofit RFPs and outsourcing. I highly recommend the Nonprofit Coffee Talk as a resource for anyone in the nonprofit space, whether you’re in house or an external supporter or facilitator, and also recommend Libby for any genuine and fun conversations!
Alfredo Ramirez

I enjoyed my experience as a guest speaker for The Nonprofit Coffee Talk with Libby Villavicencio. I spoke about program evaluation and how that can benefit nonprofit organizations. Libby asked interesting questions and provided me with the opportunity to share my expertise. Our conversation flowed naturally and Libby did a great job of giving me guidance before and during the podcast. I would highly recommend engaging with The Nonprofit Coffee Talk as a speaker and listener. I believe this is a valuable resource for nonprofit professionals and I am grateful I got the opportunity to be a guest speaker on this great podcast!
Dr. Annette Shtivelband
Research Evaluation Consulting LLC

I enjoy the conversation style that Libby facilitates. She opens the door to so many great conversations that provide meaningful content to the listeners.The topics covered are carefully extracted from relevant material from the guest so I do believe these are extremely relevant topics.

I received positive feedback from people who heard my episode. They said they thought it was a great conversation and they enjoyed listening to it.

I recommend The Nonprofit Coffee Talk to others! I have encouraged them to check out not only my 2 episodes but others as well. I truly believe the Nonprofit Coffee Talk is a great platform for sharing information in bite-sized chunks. Thank you Libby + team!
Dave Norris, Founder and CEO, Proofpact

I am so grateful for Libby and her team for fostering such a collaborative space with The Nonprofit Coffee Talk. Their team works hard in inviting a diverse group of guests covering important topics for nonprofit professionals. It was such a fun and easy process to join Libby on a livestream — I loved that we could answer questions for viewers through the chat. Plus, I've learned plenty from other guests that are part of this community. If anyone is curious about joining an upcoming Nonprofit Coffee Talk, I'd suggest they check out the upcoming topics and pick the ones that interest them. The space and time is held for you to ask your questions!. Allow yourself to benefit from Libby's thoughtful work by learning something new or connecting with someone in industry!
Michelle Shen, Digital Marketing Consultant, The Purpose Collective

What I most enjoyed from being a guest on Nonprofit Coffee Talk was Libby's hospitality.  She was warm and welcoming and met with me before the interview  to get a better understanding of who I am and what I am passionate about.  I love talking about nonprofit boards. Libby asked thoughtful open ended questions that allowed me to expound on what equitable board work could look like.  The conversation was informative, rich, and authentic.  As a result, I did receive a few comments from those who watched and thought the content to be useful. I have told other colleagues about Libby and suggested they interview with her on the podcast.  It was a wonderful experience!
Christal Cherry, The Board Pro

Being on Nonprofit Coffee Talk was an easy, fun way for me to share my expertise. Libby provided great structure for me to plug into and made it a virtually stress-free experience. I would recommend being a guest any day!
Heather Yandow, Founder,

It was such a pleasure to be a guest on The Nonprofit Coffee Talk! The podcast covers so many important topics for nonprofits, so I was honored to be included in the line up as someone who has valuable information to share with the nonprofit sector. Libby has such a calm and kind demeanor that made me feel as if I was simply having a 30-minute conversation with an old friend. She is also a very skilled interviewer, and her questions naturally drew out all the information that her audience really needed to hear. She invited me back to speak again soon, and I gladly accepted! I'm looking forward to returning.  
Raydia Martin, Founder & Principal Consultant, Advocate Impact
The Nonprofit Coffee Talk with Libby V provides such a valuable platform for sharing insights and knowledge within the nonprofit sector, and I am honored to have been a part of it. Libby’s thoughtful questions and engaging discussion creates an environment that is both informative and enjoyable. I also want to commend Libby on the professionalism and organization of the podcast. It's easy to see that Libby has a deep commitment to delivering high-quality content to her audience. Once again, thank you, Libby, for the wonderful experience on The Nonprofit Coffee Talk. I look forward to staying connected and continuing to support the valuable work you are doing.
Regina Alhassan, CEO, ResearchPRO